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​Welcome to Ricks Radio Conversions!  Bring your Radio up to the 21st Century with a Radio Conversion, 4 channel 180watt RMS.  Your original radio will look just as it did before, except with all modern electronics on the inside.  Your push-buttons will also work as original and store tuned stations!  At Ricks Radio Conversions we are an authorized Aurora Design dealer.  Currently I am Converting radios from 1930-1975.

All parts made in the U.S.A!

Like a lot of Car Enthusiasts, I had two car radios for a very long time, the stock radio which just looked good, and a second radio either in the glove box, under the seat, or in the trunk.  Driving a midsize car I was getting tired of two and decided I would do something about it.  

 The FMR-2 AM/FM Board is ever evolving into more features, currently it now has the option for a VOX switch, which means the FMR-2 will "listen" to the input AUX for sound, this is extremely helpful for 8-Track players.  The Bluetooth functions are now even better with 4.1 technology for all your streaming needs.  The USB port also now offers 2.1AMP charging for Apple iPhones.


Tiny.... this is a quarter..

I can Convert most radios, all makes all models.  How the process works; I use all of your original cars radio parts, except the radio board, that is replaced with a modern board, along with a modern radio harness.

When I receive your radio I will test the volume, tuner, and tone if equipped, if everything is in order I will contact you with a final price.  If any piece of your radio does not pass inspection I will contact you on how to proceed, but no charges will incur..