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Virginia Beach, VA


I can Convert most radios, all makes all models.  How the process works; I use all of your original cars radio parts, except the radio board, that is replaced with a modern board, along with a modern radio harness.

When I receive your radio I will test the volume, tuner, and tone if equipped, if everything is in order I will contact you with a final price.  If any piece of your radio does not pass inspection I will contact you on how to proceed, but no charges will incur..



Like a lot of Car Enthusiasts, I had two car radios for a very long time, the stock radio which just looked good, and a second radio either in the glove box, under the seat, or in the trunk.  Driving a midsize car I was getting tired of two and decided I would do something about it.  

 The FMR AM/FM Board is ever evolving into more features, currently it now has the option for a VOX switch, which means the FMR will "listen" to the input AUX for sound, this is extremely helpful for 8-Track players.  The Bluetooth functions are now even better with 4.1 technology for all your streaming needs.  The USB port also now offers 2.1AMP charging for Apple iPhones.


​Welcome to Ricks Radio Conversions!  Bring your Radio up to the 21st Century with a Radio Conversion, 4 channel 180watt RMS.  Your original radio will look just as it did before, except with all modern electronics on the inside.  Your push-buttons will also work as original and store tuned stations!  At Ricks Radio Conversions we are an authorized Aurora Design dealer.  Currently I am Converting radios from 1930-1975.

All parts made in the U.S.A!