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What will my Radio look like on the outside?
Your radio will look as it did when sent to us, plus, we will polish the clear lens as best possible and repaint the indicator needle color of your choice, usually red or orange, the dial face (numbers),  everything is also cleaned as best possible.

Do I have a choice on how the indicator light comes on?
Sure thing, usually there are two ways either with the power switch on the radio or the headlight switch.  Whichever you like we can do.

What happens to the inside of my Radio?
The inside is completely gutted minus the tuner and the volume control and change the light bulb.  All of the other parts are discarded, I can send them back to you if you like, may incur a small increase in shipping, none of these parts would be very useful for anything.  After that I find the best place to install your new Aurora Design AM/FM board, then perform all the required wiring.

How hard is it to install my new Radio?
Well if you removed it, its as easy as it was going back in.  If you have some basic electronic skills you will have to install new speaker wires a +Positive and -Negative line, in some instances we can use your original stock wiring with limited impact on lower Watts, inquire!! 

What about my old speakers?
Please replace your speakers with new 4 ohm speakers, I personally recommend Custom Autosound dual voice speakers,
click here for more info DVC Speakers.  I use the 6x9 Dual coil, what is dual coil?  It uses two coils and one speaker, as most cars only came with one speaker in the dash, this is a great option.  Couple this with 2 rear 6x9 speakers in the rear and here the thunder roar!!

How will my Radio sound?
​Quite frankly, you will be shocked as I was on how 180watts sounds in your classic car, the clarity of the FM tuner is something to behold.  Personally I wish I had done my car years ago.  That plus the AUX input for your iPod or other digital media device is awesome.

What is the Auxiliary Input do?
This is either a 3.5mm jack or RCA jacks, that can hook to your external device like a iPod, iPhone or any other media device that will input your music.  This is standard on all AM/FM installations.  I will say RCA can be done, please mark on the radio where you would like them installed.

Power On of Auxiliary Input. 

Power Cycling, by turning the on/off switch on and off very fast you move from AM to FM to Aux Input

Tuning Method, by tuning the tuner all the way left Aux Input will come on.

VOX, Voice Operated Switch this method the FMR will "listen" for sound, when you turn on your device (iPod, etc) the FMR will automatically start playing music.  Turn the device off and in about 10 seconds the FMR will go back to the radio.

What about signal seeking radios like Wonder-Bar and Town and Country?
Yes I do convert those as well, please inquire for prices, these can be tricky and may need extra components or parts...

Will it work with 6volt radios?
It will require a 6 to 12 volt conversion board, this will be roughly $100-$125 extra, please contact for more info.

Do I do custom work?
Well just about every install is "custom" each radio model has a unique way on how the board is installed and also other things like tone, balance, and fader.  There are also other options such as sub-woofer out, and pre-Amp out.  Along with other things like a separate AM/FM switches to keep the radio in FM all the time, not needed but I have had a few customers ask for this.

Is there a new wiring harness?
Yes there is a new Harness; Power, Ground, Indicator light, Power Antenna, and 8 or 4 speaker wires (8 for 4 speakers, 4 for 2 speakers).  PLUS a status LED that can tell you what mode you are in and also troubleshooting a problem if there is one.  This can be hidden anywhere.  Please mark on your radio where you would like this harness I do my best to put it where the old harness was, but, there could be an impediment with your dash, please allow for a 3/8 of an inch wire bundle.

Is there a way for my Power Antenna to work?
Yes your power antenna will work just as before, when the radio is turned on your antenna will go up, when the radio is shut off the antenna will go down.

How do all these features work with no "Screen"?
So please read the Quick Start Link basically it is a series of "twists" on either your Volume, Tone or Tuner control knobs.  If your radio is older and either has no tone control or a tone switch, please contact me for more information.  For USB and Bluetooth please read further on operations.

What about Bluetooth?
​So most modern cars have Bluetooth control of your Apple or Android device, the BTU is no different, it will pair with your phone and your radio will control the phone.  Yes I know, your radio has no touch screen!  If you are streaming music on your phone by holding the tuner knob and  simply "twisting" to the right you can Fast-Forward a song and by "twisting" the turner knob left you can rewind.  Same for streaming SiriusXM or Pandora as an example you can move to the next song.  Once again please go to the "Info" on the left pane and read more about Bluetooth.

Does Bluetooth do anything else besides streaming music?
Why yes it does!  I am an iPhone person, I am able to say "hey Siri" and use this just like the phone, through either the internal mic "in the radio" or the external mic that you can route up the A-Pillar or somewhere hidden.  You can also answer your phone, make a call, use the "Google Maps" and get turn-by-turn instructions as you drive all while still listening to your favorite Tunes. 

What about USB?
USB is done much like bluetooth, USB can also charge your device at the full 2.1Amps.  Please read more on the "Info" on the left pane.

Is all this Massive Techno-Geek stuff hard to use?
Well no, if I can do it anyone can do it.  Getting used to the controls though does take some getting used to, this just means more car time, maybe even a road trip!  But you will be able to do it!  Printing out the quick-start guide will help.

Please ask MORE QUESTIONS!!  And check out the You-Tube link!!