NameReceivedType, Model, Series radioStatus
Dan W       15 Jun52 DesotoIn Work
Neil B15 July65 BarracudaInwork
John S4 Feb63 Ford TruckShipped
Charles S28 Feb39 PackardIn Work
David K28 Feb74 ChargerShipped
Bart H5 May65 CometShipped
Cherie V10 Oct48 Willy'sShipped
John G10 Oct50 MercuryComplete
Tony A10 Oct55 Chevy


Kevin H10 Oct70 FerarriShipped
Dan E20 Nov53 MercuryInwork
Mark L20 Nov63 CoronetAwaiting
James C20 Nov68 FuryAwaiting
27 Dec54 Chevy


Joe W27 Dec73 CamaroAwaiting
Mike D27 Dec71 Scamp


Jeff F9 Jan73 C10


Joe F9 Jan65 RancheroAwaiting
Fred T29 Jan38 BuickAwaiting
Steve H29 Jan72 MonocoAwaiting
Tim W29 Jan49 DodgeAwaiting
John M29 Jan51 HudsonAwaiting
Jason M29 Jan69 IHCAwaiting
Jamal M3 FebGM


Lance B3 FebJeepAwaiting
Mike A5 FebBuickAwaiting
Rich N5 Feb64 BelvedereAwaiting
Wayne S5-FebunkAwaiting
Scott T5-Feb73 ScampAwaiting

 All jobs are assigned as a first come first served.  HOWEVER!  If your job is big, or in need of parts, your radio will be out of line until parts or troubleshooting is completed.  Please understand we try and service all of the radio's as fast as possible,

with a FIRST IN FIRST OUT MINDSET.  Please understand if we work on your radio we will up date this page!

Job Status Page is Updated Daily.  No need to worry!



Virginia Beach, VA
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