Job Status Page is Updated Daily.  No need to worry!

 All jobs are assigned as a first come first served.  HOWEVER!  If your job is big, or in need of parts, your radio will be out of line until parts or troubleshooting is completed.  Please understand we try and service all of the radio's as fast as possible,

with a FIRST IN FIRST OUT MINDSET.  Please understand if we work on your radio we will up date this page!


Virginia Beach, VA
​​​​​​NameReceivedType, Model, Series radioStatus
Dan W       15 Jun52 DesotoIn Work
Bill R         1 Aug65 BarracudaShipped
Barbara C18 Sept

57 Ford Town and Country- Painted, build starting soon

Wally A27 Oct

65 GTO

63 Catalina  Both radios disassembled starting build up

Randy D4 Nov68 Chrysler


Nolan C5 Nov67 Mustang


Chuck S13 Nov55 Pontiac Wonderbar w/ SpeakerShipped
Robbie G15 Nov66 JeepShipped
Nicolas M7 Dec67 MBShipped
Kevin H14 Dec

56 Bentley

68 Mercedes Benz


Garry S20 Dec57 PlymouthShipped
Randy W3 Jan68 Chrysler w/ external fader switchShipped
James F5 Feb67 GalaxieShipped

Lowell S

5 Feb75 Oldsmobile


Larry McP19 Mar78 Trans AMShipped
Ted J19 Mar65 MercuryIn work
Rich H19 Mar72 Nova needs under dash CD playerIn work
Bob W19 Mar64 GTOIn work
Jim B20 April38 ChevyAwaiting
Jim S7 May64 Valiant


Jim D14 June67 Buick with Craig 8-Track playerAwaiting
Rich N15 June67 GTO


Josh W2 July72 TravelallAwaiting
Doug H5 July73 DusterAwaiting
Jon R10 July67 Galaxie 500Awaiting
Neil B15 July65 BarracudaAwaiting
Mike D15 July77 WarlockAwaiting
Ed R29 June72 JaguarAwaiting
Randy D10 Jul68 Chrysler 300Awaiting
Lee R10 Jul67 GTOAwaiting
Anthony B1 Aug67 Plymouth SatelliteAwaiting
Miller Auto 2 Aug64 CaddyAwaiting
Farland Classic1 Aug52 HudsonAwaiting
Jeep Heritage20 Jul78 JeepAwaiting
Clem20 Sep49 Packard