Virginia Beach, VA

Job Status Page is Updated Daily.  No need to worry!

Name         In-Date                      Status               

 All jobs are assigned as a first come first served.  HOWEVER!  If your job is big, or in need of parts, your radio will be out of line until parts or troubleshooting is completed.  Please understand we try and service all of the radio's as fast as possible,

with a FIRST IN FIRST OUT MINDSET.  Please understand if we work on your radio we will up date this page!

Eric D            27Sept        63 Comet Radio **Shipped**

Leo T             27Sept       57 Wonderbar *** Shipped ***

Edward A      27Sept       25 Jan----> ** Shipped**

Edward A      27 Sept      29 Jan----** Shipped **

Alan M          28Nov         62 Newport **Shipped**

​Randy B         1Dec         50 Packard,**Shipped**

Matt D           19 Dec       65 Comet, **shipped**

John W          20 Dec       69 Skylark, *** Shipped ***

Trent S         16 Jan         69 Road Runner,**Shipped** 

Steve S        16 Jan        69 Camaro, *** Shipped *** 

Eric B         26 Jan         65 Pontiac Grand Prix **Shipped**

Cody V       11 Feb        75 Dart,--> ***Shipped***

Jay Z           11 Feb       67 Cutlass, ***Shipped***

Bob G        1 Mar       67 GTO, ****Shipped****

Paul C        1 Mar       Ford AM/FM Quadraphonic 8-Track, AAR previous conversion, convert to Aurora Design ***Shipped***

Full Scale    1 Mar     69 Road Runner 8-Track, awaiting analysis  ***Shipped****

Nolan C      3 Mar    56 Merc Montclair, awaiting analysis***Shipped***

Dan B       10 Mar    69 Camaro, awaiting analysis ***Completed***

Rich W      7 Apr      65 Corvette, awaiting analysis  On/Off switch seems broken ***Shipped***

​Steve F      7 Apr    78 Mustang, awaiting analysis 

Chris G     7 Apr     63 Comet, awaiting analysis

Palmer     16 Apr    Scout, Awaiting analysis

Jorge V    16 Apr    Ford, Awaiting analysis ==On/Off switch seems broken

​Vurtume   16 Apr    Lincoln (2) 8-Track radio door seems off track 

Dan W      15 Jun   52 Desoto

Dennis      25 Jun   69 Road Runner

​Ryan S    31 Jul   68 Buick 

​Jim W       1 Aug  72 Olds

Bill R         1 Aug 65 Barracuda

Jeff H       1 Aug 67 Chevelle

Lennard V 1 Aug 68 Dodge