Virginia Beach, VA
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How would you like your radio to cycle between AM/FM & AUX INPUT

1- Turn the radio on and off again within 1 second

​2- Move the dial indicator all the way to the left of the tuning band (in either AM or FM)

​3-VOX switch, basically when the FMR "hears" and audio from your plugged in device it will play automatically.

4-Switch install for auxiliary mode.

Amplifiers and Pre-Amplifier OUTPUTS

We offer up to 5 external pre-amp outputs.  RF LF RR LR and Sub in RCA Jacks 

Got a question?  Custom Build? Can it be done? 

Call or email me for any questions PLEASE! The possibilities are ENDLESS

Option Setting for your Radio YOU DECIDE what YOU LIKE!

What color would you like your dial needle painted?  Orange? Red? Green? You decide.