FMC- FM Add on Board

​he FMC-2 is the follow-on to the incredible FMC-1 that took the collector car world by storm! With updated features like double the processing power, selectable VOX Auxiliary Input and twice the output voltage, the FMC-2 is the only solution for adding FM/AUX to your original radio.  Since no modification of the original radio is required, and since the FMC-2 is easily removable without a trace, the originality and value of the AM radio is retained.  Cost is $175 and your AM radio must work.

How would you like your radio to cycle between AM/FM & AUX INPUT

1- Turn the radio on and off again within 1 second

​2- Move the dial indicator all the way to the left of the tuning band (in either AM or FM)

​3-VOX switch, basically when the FMR "hears" and audio from your plugged in device it will play automatically.

4-Switch install for auxiliary mode.


Virginia Beach, VA

Amplifiers and Pre-Amplifier OUTPUTS

We offer up to 5 external pre-amp outputs.  RF LF RR LR and Sub in RCA Jacks 

8-Tracks & Cassettes!

Please ask about 8-track and cassette options, we can do them on a limited basis, some makes and models are harder than others to do.  Most need new motors, belts and control boards.  Please inquire.


We also offer the FMC and USB

Got a question?  Custom Build? Can it be done? 

Call or email me for any questions PLEASE! The possibilities are ENDLESS

Option Setting for your Radio YOU DECIDE what YOU LIKE!


​​USB FLASH Drives, sometimes referred to as “thumb drives”, have become the ubiquitous format for carrying around audio files. An extremely inexpensive USB drive has the capability to hold literally thousands or tens of thousands of songs, audio books, podcasts, etc. With the USB-2, these USB drives can now be used in your classic or hot rod’s radio as easily as your modern car. Just plug the USB drive into the cable on your radio and it will switch over and start playing. Of course since all Aurora Design products are engineered to work seamlessly together, you can control such things as next/previous, play/pause and random/sequential playback right from the existing controls on your radio. Unlike clunky aftermarket solutions, everything is automatic! Cost $455.00 with the FMR2 included.

What color would you like your dial needle painted?  Orange? Red? Green? You decide.