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We did Dan Woods 1963 Comet!



The digitally controlled power amplifier provides up to 4 X 45W of output power!

The Scan feature we pioneered last year was so well received, our customers with manually tuned radios felt left out. No longer! Now even manually tuned radios have the same modern Scan feature as signal seeking radios. This is a great feature to have when you’re on a tour or just looking for something different to listen to.



  • Flip Flop And Fly2:48
  • Rock Around the Clock2:13
  • Peggy Sue2:28
  • Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight2:50
  • 2:19
  • Maybellene2:20
  • No Particular Place To Go2:44
  • Promised Land2:23
  • Flip Flop And Fly2:48
  • Jumpin' For Joe4:00
  • Baby Love2:35
  • Little Bitty Pretty One2:24

​​- Polish dial lens
- Paint indicator needle
- Clean and lubricate tuner
- Clean Radio Case

Bluetooth audio, hands free phone, USB audio playback, USB charging, Voice Command...While some companies call off-the-shelf adapters or clunky boxes “solutions”, Aurora Design is the only company to offer a custom designed, fully integrated, full featured, Bluetooth/USB/AAC/MP3 solution that truly brings your radio into the 21st century.

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Imagine cruising down the road in your classic vehicle or hotrod with with your favorite music streaming from it’s original radio. A call comes in on your smart phone and the radio softly mutes as the call comes in over the radio. Sound impossible?


180 WATTS 

30 Years US Navy

Featuring Aurora Design Products.  The Absolute LEADER in Car Radio Conversion.

Bring your Radio up to the 21st Century with an Antique Radio Conversion 4 channel 180watt RMS.  Your original radio will look just as it did before, except with all modern electronics on the inside.  Vintage Radio Repair also done antique classic car radio conversions today!!


We can make your radio sound GREAT!  The AM/FM Aux In main board will fit almost anywhere in any radio!  Add USB and or Bluetooth!  You can stream all your music, use your radio as a phone with hands free, and also use Pandora, Spotify and SiriusXM radio.  Works with all Android and Apple devices.  We will also;